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WOW Week

WOW week is our time to truly experience international education, please join us!

Guidelines for Jeans and T-Shirt Fundraiser
DHS is holding a fundraiser on Sunday Nov. 16 for the Prom Committee.  Students have the option to donate 20 SR for the privilege of wearing jeans and a T-shirt that day instead of the normal clothing requirements.
Like other school days, the following expectations still apply:
  • Clothing cannot be frayed, ripped or torn.
  • Clothing cannot contain offensive or inappropriate logos (alcohol, tobacco, sex, etc).
  • Shirts must have sleeves of a minimum of 7 cm in length
  • Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than 7 cm above the knee.
  • Dresses are not allowed.
Students can make their donation form Nov. 9-13 in the Cafeteria during lunch, as well as at the Walk-In Gate on Nov. 16. A sticker will be issued as proof of the donation and must be worn on Nov. 16.
DHS Halloween Dance - CANCELLED
Due to low ticket sales, Friday night's Halloween Dance has been cancelled.  Students can bring their tickets to the Cafeteria on Sunday Nov. 2 and receive a full refund from Ms. Haneen.
Clarification Regarding Spirit Days
Students are reminded that jeans are not allowed on Spirit Days unless specific permission is given.  Jeans are NOT allowed on Tuesday's Superhero Day nor on Wednesday's Twin Day.
Jeans ARE allowed on Thursday's blue and White Day, but they cannot be ripped or torn.
Spirit Week Announcement

We’ve got spirit,

Yes we do!

We’ve got spirit,


It’s time to PUMP YOU UP and show your school spirit.  October 26th-30th we will be celebrating and getting ready for the big games with outfit themes each day.  On Thursday and Friday, October 30th-31st DHS will be hosting the SAIKAC volleyball tournament.  Please come cheer on our Scorpions and show your school spirit!!!!!!!  Don’t forget to get on the gate list for Fans On Friday to help cheer and enjoy a BBQ put on by Habitat for Humanity!!!!!!!  Cheerleaders will be walking around during lunches (thru Tuesday) to sign students up for Fans On Friday!!!!!!

Let’s go S-C-O-R-P-I-O-N-S!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26th: PJs Day

Monday, October 27th: Formal Day

Tuesday, October 28th: Super Hero & Villains Day

Wednesday, October 29th: Twins Day

Thursday, October 30th: DHS Blue and White day

** Students must wear appropriate clothing (length, coverage, no masks, etc.)!!!!  If students choose not to participate, they must follow dress code.

On Thursday, October 30th, students will be encouraged to gather in the gym during common lunch to watch a pump up video and a DHS Cheer & Street team performance.  Along with an unveiling of the new DHS fight song!!!!!!!  Feel free to continue watching the boys and girls varsity teams compete in the lower gym or grab a bite to eat in the Scorpion Snack Attack area (between lower gym and auditorium) put on by the business classes to help raise money for prom!!!!!!!!

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